This Blog….

This blog records some of the work I was involved in while a member of the EAPPI team in Bethlehem in 2014. All the pieces were written at that time about issues we encountered. Until this post the blog has not been updated since I finished my placement.

This post combines links to the few articles on this blog together into one post in chronological order to make it easier to navigate.

From Canal Bank to West Bank – Introduction

House Demolition – Al Khader

Massive Israeli Land Confiscation

The Bedouin of Arab al Rashayida, Military Firing Zones and Forced Transfer

Al Jab’a – an already squeezed village now losing even more land.

UNESCO heritage site under threat

Khallet Annahlah – our work with an illegal outpost that is a threat to peace

A look at some of the settlements and outposts in the Bethlehem area … and the dangers they pose.