From Canal Bank to West Bank.

From Canal Bank to West Bank.

For the months of August, September and October I will be working as a human rights monitor in the West Bank, working in the occupied Palestinian territories with the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI).

The EAPPI programme aims to support Palestinians and Israelis in non-violent actions and to advocate for an end to the occupation. Working with international trained volunteers, Palestinians and Israeli peace activists, EAPPI stands in solidarity with all those struggling against the occupation.

I will continue to work for my constituents from the West Bank and will continue to be available by email and phone dealing with queries and constituents difficulties. I also have arranged for a representative to liaise with any urgent matters that require face to face meetings. Indeed I have already responded to many enquiries and successfully advocated on constituents behalf since arriving in Palestine.

The West Bank is home to 2.5 million Palestinians who live under the military occupation of the Israeli Authorities, and Palestinians face daily harassment under the Israeli occupation. Ecumenical Accompaniers are involved in maintaining logs at Israeli checkpoints, maintaining a protective international presence during house demolitions and harvests, accompanying children to school through army checkpoints and in speaking publicly on return about violations of human rights and international law that I have personally witnessed.


For further information on EAPPI go to

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